Just ask George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon… a detailed plan is a must-have when staging a heist. It’s also a must-have for any landscape and garden. Same as Ocean’s Eleven, first-rate planning starts with a thorough site analysis. We measure your space, then document and determine what opportunities and potential your site offers.

We photograph the space and surrounding structures. We assess soil composition, as well as water and drainage requirements. Sun, shade, rainfall and temperature all contribute to the horticultural suitably and long-term success  of your landscape. Each component will play a big part in selecting the specific trees, plants and flowers that will make up your garden. During the planning phase, other issues such as lifestyle, animals, children, safety, environmental ordinances and local regulations that govern the development of your landscape will be taken into consideration.


You will work with one of our designers who will listen to you and help to identify each of your needs, get to know your style and point out things you may not have thought of in order to create a detailed plan that we can use to create your perfect space.

Note: Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer plans to steal money from a casino owned by Andy Garcia. But we will keep you posted if that changes.