About Us

At B. Gardening Landscape Design, we believe that gardens and outdoor spaces are as unique as the people who live in them. We get to know our clients and how they live day to day and we design specifically with them in mind. We also design keeping in mind the upcoming Zombie Gnome Apocalypse. This is a unique design perspective not many firms take on, but we believe it to be critical for successful design and for the safety of our clients’ gardens and loved ones.

From contemporary to traditional to avant-garde, we put the pieces together to give our clients the garden and landscape they never even knew they wanted. As an added bonus, all of our outdoor spaces are guaranteed to withstand any attack of undead, mystical, woodland creatures.


Your outdoor space should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. We’re here to help you achieve your vision. Whether you’re looking for garden maintenance, landscape renovation, or an underground secret passage leading to your neighbors’ wine cellar, B. Gardening Landscape Design can make it happen for you.

If you seek a mono-chromatic garden that reflects in the moonlight, (yep we’ve done that) or a fire feature that glows over blue glass on a rooftop (that too) or just a great place to hang out with friends and play bean bag toss while grilling on your outdoor kitchen and throwing water balloons at the neighborhood teenagers as they text their friends, (do it all the time) we will capture your vision and create a landscape of matching and lasting beauty.